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We've moved!

Well, this is a nice start to a new month, here's a picture of the team getting settled in our new office!

We had been considering changing premises before the pandemic hit, but as we all started working from home the move got put on the back burner. Here we are today though, dodging the cables, reorganising files and contemplating the Feng Shui of how the furniture is arranged in our new space.

We did make it back in the old office altogether for a brief period last year before the second wave, but this was short-lived. So it feels great to be in our new workspace with the team members (Paula & Leanne) that have joined us during the pandemic and also to welcome our new Administrator Catherine to EMD. It will be a few weeks before we're all in the office together, but we're really excited to be in here as a full team.

We're confident that this is the start of an amazing new chapter for us as a company, with the new office facilitating a better working environment for our staff, which will enable them to provide an even more superb service to our clients.

Here's to the journey ahead!

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