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Remember remember...

Article written by Kate Stephenson before she finished to go on her maternity leave.

November is traditionally a time for remembrance. Whether the heading conjures up the old nursery rhyme about gunpowder and fireworks, or if it makes you think about loved ones lost, or our Military war heroes from the past and present conflicts, it’s a time for reflection.

Reflecting on a career to date within a sector I love, and all kinds of memories flash past. The year when a 1,000 person awards ceremony had to be cancelled due to snow, and we went into full focus to contact every person who had purchased a ticket to inform them. The time when three huge marquees full of exhibitors expensive equipment were blown three metres to one side, resulting in all 80 exhibition stands falling over and the event having to be delayed, with coaches full of people waiting to gain entry. Or the time when whilst doing an event for a well known pet food brand, a Husky dog was delivered to our registration desk to be ‘looked after’ whilst its Russian owner went to give a keynote. The husky only understood Russian commands and so due to our lack of skill in its native tongue, ran amok.

Its easy to remember and focus on the disasters, the times when you wish the earth would just open up and swallow you whole. Its harder to re-frame and think of the positives, but there have been many! Meeting celebrities, being shortlisted for awards, delivering spectacular events, witnessing people having a fabulous time at an event etc. In 2020, the positives have been that we’ve stayed alive as a business, we’ve retained all our staff, and we’ve learnt how to deliver really successful events online. We could have thrown the towel in and decided it was the end, but instead we retained our positivity and fought hard.

So, when remembering this month – try to focus on the good things, the memories that made you smile. Remember, as John Lennon said “Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.

Kate Stephenson

Project Manager

Event Management Direct

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