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Event Management Direct – Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals 2020

This is a short testimonial in support of our confidence in Event Management Direct (EMD). Our Chesterfield Sheffield & Derby FRCS Clinical Examination Course is run in September or October every year and has done so since 2005. It is focused on providing orthopaedic surgeons in the UK and some from around the world, the hands on experience of examining and discussing patients from all orthopaedic sub-specialties ranging from childrens orthopaedics to adult orthopaedics and spinal surgery.

We train up to 48 surgeons over the course and hopefully equip them with the knowledge and skills to manage a wide variety of orthopaedic conditions and in doing so, prepare them for their final accreditation examinations prior to practising as consultant surgeons.

COVID-19 arriving to the UK in early 2020 brought a significant barrier in our ability to deliver this course in its current face to face format due to the several restrictions placed on large gatherings. Instead of cancelling our course like countless other similar organisations have done around the UK however, the organisers decided to deliver this integral form of education to surgeons via a virtual format for 2020. This is where our relationship with the team at EMD began.

From literally a concept and an idea of delivering a form of clinical patient-centred teaching through a virtual format, EMD have helped to deliver the first ever Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals on the 1st and 2nd October 2020. During the event we showcased over 14 lectures and 60 professionally pre-videoed and edited clips of real patients from all sub-specialties. This educational event was delivered live through a webinar format with expert faculty providing additional live discussion-based teaching on the day, whilst answering questions from over 120 delegates from around the world. To our knowledge, this has been the first ever course of its kind in the world, a similar accomplishment our normal course has built its reputation on over the years.

To be able to deliver this highly complex format of education and to achieve this whilst in the midst of the country experiencing one of the largest ever pandemics of a generation is truly a great feat. The logistics behind coordinating the safe transit of patients to be videoed professionally by respective faculty was handled with ease and professionalism by the EMD team. All aspects of course organisation including delegate registration and communication was taken care of. They worked closely with the venue and technical teams to adapt to this challenging project with multiple variables due to the pandemic, and proved impressively that no task was insurmountable. The EMD team surpassed all expectations in ensuring the whole process from beginning to end was completed to the highest standard. It was truly a pleasure to work with a team who understood our philosophy of delivering high quality education and we look forward to our next project together.

Mr Jeevan Chandrasenan

Lead Convenor

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Co-convenors: Mr Apurv Sinha, Mr John Wright, Mr James Fernandes, Mr Conal Quah, Ms Caroline Blakey

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