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Virtual Events for 2020 and beyond

The Global Pandemic has completely changed how we have to approach managing Meetings and Conferences for the time being, and we're now confident in delivering Virtual Events to our same excellent standard.

The Pandemic hasn't been a positive experience for many businesses, and for some it has meant staff redundancies, office closures or business collapse. EMD haven't gone unscathed, but have been grateful for the support from the UK Government Furlough scheme, which meant job retention for our valued staff.

There's no denying that the world of virtual events wasn't something we ever considered, as our clients (many of whom are medical societies) really value the face to face elements of an event. Much of the content is 'hands on' or practical, and a lot of the attendees really value being able to network with other medical professionals. The Pandemic however forced our hand, and we began to explore the possibility of taking our events into the virtual arena. 

After many discussions, lots of research and planning, intense training and some tough challenges, we are delighted to be able to deliver virtual events with confidence. The advantage is twofold; we continue to operate as a business, and our clients are able to deliver their events and retain the connection with their membership. 

The virtual events are different to face to face meetings, but have been really well received. We are planning on continuing to deliver on a virtual platform until such time as it is no longer required, however some have suggested they may take their events online even after the Pandemic has passed. 

We miss the face to face meetings, particularly due to the fact that all of our clients have become part of the EMD 'family' and as such we have created trusting, friendly relationships with them all! We are pleased however to be able to support them with their events programme during this time, and really look forward to seeing them again 'in person' soon.

Kate Stephenson

Project Manager

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